• A Child is an uncut diamond.

    Austin Omalley

  • Violence against women stays behind closed doors.

    Yvettes Wates

  • The duty of Youths is to challenge corruption.

    Kurt Cobain

  • We can't help EVERYONE, but EVERYONE can help SOMEONE.

    Ronald Reagan

  • HUMANITY is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

    Mahatma Gandi

  • In The Practice Of Tolerance, One's Enemy is the best Teacher.

    Dalai Lama

GBV Project


Mercy Corps.


In the aim of increasing the awareness sessions about SRHR and GBV, many SRHR sessions were conducted to educated the younger aged category between 12-18 years about adolescence and physical changes, psychological and identifying comfortable vs. uncomfortable touch, and how to deal with uncomfortable touch in addition to the physical changes during adolescence. Whereas, The GBV sessions were conducted to caregivers above 18 to raise awareness about Gender Based Violence through knowing its types, causes, know the difference between gender and sex, introduce the abnormal state, and discussing woman rights.

Target Area:

West Bekaa.

Central Bekaa.

North Bekaa.

Targeted groups:

4500 children (Lebanese & Syrian; Male & Female).

1000 caregivers (Lebanese & Syrian; Male & Female).


Training and couching for social workers & team leaders on SRHR and GBV.

Theater workshops, PFA trainings & self-care for social workers and team leaders.

SRHR & GBV trainings for 45 educators.

Icebreaking activities, picture & dialogue, writing story, comfortable & uncomfortable touch.

Discussing about GBV (its types, causes, effects), and women's rights.

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